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OrderPal – Ordering System & POS – – Ordering System & Point of Sales
Your brand. Your customers. Your online ordering system.
Powered by OrderPal. 

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Developed & Designed in India


No Monthly Fee
OrderPal food ordering System has No monthly fee. No long term contract fee and hidden cost. Our philosophy is you don’t need to pay if OrderPal doesn’t generate revenue for your business.
Zero Setup Cost*
If you choose to do DIY, you don’t need to pay a cent to use OrderPal. All you need is to configure the system and load the menu by following the detailed step-by-step guide on our website.

Free Order Receiving App
No hardware to buy, receive orders via email or sms or use our use your own android  phone or tablet to receive orders by installing Order receiving app.You can also integrate a Bluetooth printer with our app or WiFi printer.Get it on Google Play
Free Booking System
Take unlimited online restaurant bookings without spending a dime. No monthly subscription fees. No cost per guest or booking.
Get Paid Instantly
We offer many payment gateway integration for ease and flexibility. You get paid instantly by integrating with your choice of gateway.
OrdePal Marketing Launch Package*
We offer free marketing brochure to kick start customer awareness and branding of your online ordering system.
Facebook Ordering
With Facebook ordering app integration, your customers will be able to easily place online orders from your facebook page.
Free Website
Free Elegant website to showcase your business with booking , online ordering , about us & contact pages. Upload your own logo & choose your own colour scheme to match with your store.
Google Analytics
Integrate your store with free Google Analytics account. Get detailed insights in your shop’s traffic and events so that you can improve your sales and drive more revenue.
Promo Codes & Offers
OrderPal lets you create and send promo codes & offers to your customers to encourage them to place orders.
Link With Your Own Domain
If you own your own domain or want to link with your own custom domain. We offer easy DIY domain linking option. Alternatively, we can help you with custom domain linking.
Email & Sms Marketing*
OrderPal enables you to promote your business via email and SMS. This includes discount vouchers to celebrate event, daily/weekly specials for subscribed customers.
Fully Customisable
OrderPal lets you fully customised your ordering page, Colour scheme, Logo & all its Content.
Sales Report & Analytics
OrderPal is designed to provide you a comprehensive sales report that summaries the sales revenue, provides insights about your most sellable products and tracks your product inventory.
Modal & Banner pop-up
Attract users’ attention to a sale, promotion, newsletter by using our inbuilt Modal & banner Popup
Points & Rewards
OrderPal has reward point system that encourages customer spending and rewards loyal customers. In doing so, it retains customers and broadens your customer base.
24/7 Support & Onboarding
OrderPal is proud of 100% customer satisfaction. We understand your needs to reach OrderPal support team at any time and from anywhere. Our technical expert led online chat forum provides you a worldwide continuous 24 hours technical support whenever you needed.
Delivery Driver Tracking
Help you streamline delivery process along with greater control over the entire process.